Division Gaming.com is born…

Division Gaming has been awaiting the arrival of a website for about half a year now.

Division Gaming is a network of gaming related website for all of the popular video game series. Grand Theft Auto was the first to get a website, GTA-Division.com. GTA-Division.com is currently trying to relaunch Version 2 on a new server.

Many more game sites are coming:

The Sims 2
Rainbow Six
Ghost Recon
Splinter Cell
Star Wars (because they keep coming)
Call of Duty
Medal of Honor
and many more, coming soon.

The Division Gaming Network is under construction.

For now, visit GTA-Division.com for all of the latest information on Grand Theft Auto (mainly Grand Theft Auto 4). GTA-Division  is soon to transfer servers, so the current website will close soon.


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