Mass Effect Banned in Singapore

Mass Effect has been banned in Singapore because of “lesbian intimacy.”

Players can engage their avatars in a variety of sexual encounters during the game, though none between men or between men and male aliens, according to reports on several blogs.

The human-alien duo are depicted kissing and caressing each other in a sex scene that The Straits Times English-language newspaper in Singapore reported ends with the alien saying, “By the gods, that was incredible, commander.”

A Microsoft spokesman in Singapore said Microsoft respected Singapore’s decision to ban the game, which is to launch globally on Nov. 20.

“Mass Effect features realistic content and interactions in the context of the science-fiction story line,” said Ian Tan, marketing communications manager for Southeast Asia said. “The game takes a mature approach to various relationships amongst characters throughout the game and the content in question is another dynamic of that.”

Mass Effect is still due to arrive in the United States next Tuesday, November 20th.


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