Mass Effect nearly perfect

As Mass Effect’s first week on the market is coming to a close, we review all of the reviews.

We were able to gather 25 reviews from around the internet, on television, and in magazines.

Mass Effect was given a perfect score by: G4TV’s X-Play (5/5), (5/5), Official Xbox Magazine (10/10), Gamedaily (5/5), Pro-G – Prodigious Gaming (10/10) and Snackbar Games (5/5).

There were just a few flaws in the game that made a few people deduct fractions of points that could have made a perfect score: (9.6/10), (9.4/10), (4.75/5), Gamezone Online (9.8/10), Cheat Code Central (4.8/5), ActionTrip (91/100), (9.6/10), and GameInformer (9.75/10).

Only two reviews, USA Today and, gave the game an 8.0-8.9/10. The rest of the reviews were atleast a 9/10. No review gave it a score less than 8.0/10.

The average review score is a 9.2/10.

Despite controversal lesbian alien sex and a 3 year wait for the game, we can actually say this is one of the greatest games of 2007. Expect to see this game on the Top 10 Best Games of ’07 lists and Top 10 Best Games for Christmas lists.

Mass Effect will remain our “Featured Game” until this coming Monday, November 26th, 2007.


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