In the News – #5

  • Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind movies and hit shows like CSI and many more, is teaming up with MTV to create video games.
  • IGN has posted an interview with the lead game designer of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, and discussed some new features for the upcoming Rainbow Six title. A new teaser trailer for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was also released.
  • The long-awaited title, Duke Nukem Forever, is back in the news with a new teaser trailer. The devolpers are still promissing a multi-platform game, but has yet to announce which platforms and when the game might be released.
  • Another interview brought up some questions a couple of days ago regarding the Half-Life series. Kotaku interviewed Doug Lombardi regarding the future of the series. He says the series won’t end after Half-Life 2: Episode 3.
  • New features and info has been released for Saint’s Row 2. The city, Stillwater, is newly revamped and 45% larger with 130 playable building interiors. Helicopters, speedboats, jet-skis, and planes are new to the series. You can literally crash helicopters and planes into the inside of buildings. The story mode can be played entirely in co-op and you can chose to play as a male, female, or as an undecided individual.

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