In the News – #7

  • Nintendo fans with both a Wii and a DS will soon be able to download DS games to their Wii and then transfer them to their DS. We’re at the moment what sort of “complete games” will be made available or when the first offerings would launch. We also aren’t sure how you will be able to save these to your DS.
  • Microsoft has a “big announcement” that will be announced at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) The announcement has to due with the Xbox 360. Bill Gates himself is said to make the announcement. The show will take place January 7-10, 2008. We will be here to cover the announcement.
  • It looks like there is still no Wii version of Rock Band being planned. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be one eventually, it just won’t be right now.
  • Another announcement that could be coming at next weeks Consumer Electronics Show is if PSP is getting Skype support soon. This and a few other features for the PSP are expected to be announced next.
  • Sony might be considering a subscription-plan for the Playstation Network/Store. They are currently running a survey with one question asking if a subscription plan that allows unlimited downloads is a good idea. This survey is only for the Asia market.
  • Do you have a gaming record that you want in the Guiness book of World Records? You can submit your record on their website.


  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is not being released for the Xbox 360. It is a Playstation 3 exclusive.
  • FarCry 2 has been officially announced for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.
  • Another animated movie tie-in is in the works. This time it is for the Pixar movie “Wall-E.” It is a multi-platform game that is coming from THQ.

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