Today’s Site Updates

We have done a lot of network updates today. So we are going to list them all out right here to let you know what they are.

  • On our About the Network page, we have added some links to other pages on our site. They include: Coverage List, Featured Games, and MySpace. We will be adding more site links to that page in the next few days, and from now on. That is where you will find the links to pages we don’t have listed elsewhere.
  • Our Coverage List has finally been reposted. The link can be found at the top of our site and on our About the Network page. The lists includes the games, platforms, and companies we offer news coverage for here on the network.
  • We have done some major updates with our The Other Games page. We added the links for the games we actually have pages for. They are: Assassin’s Creed, Ghostbusters, Grand Theft Auto, and Mass Effect.
  • On our Assassin’s Creed page, we added the links for Trailers, Reviews, and Achievements.
  • On our Mass Effect page, we added the link for Reviews.
  • Our “Featured Game” for this week is Rainbow Six Vegas.
  • There is a new “This Week’s Releases” ready to be released tomorrow. This is the first “This Week’s Releases” since January 1st.
  • We have updated our MySpace Profile with an updated Featured Games list.
  • We will be releasing an updated “Launch Center” list to let you know when our launch centers are coming out.

We are currently doing much more; we just hit a few highlights. A new “In the News” is also coming soon along with “Our first look at Resistance 2,” which we will have tomorrow.