Playstation Update

  • Rumors of a price drop are circulating all over the net. The new price is set at $299 and is set to supposedly drop on January 29.  
  • In other news:  Sony said on Wednesday it is delaying the planned introduction in late January of a Skype Web phone service for PlayStation Portable (PSP) users in Japan due to technical problems.  Sony’s game unit said earlier this month it would start offering Skype software for downloading onto the latest PSP model, enabling PSP Users to make free Web-based phone calls to other PSP users and to users of PCs equipped with Skype software. However, the game unit said on Wednesday a microphone it planned to start selling in Japan for the new service did not meet Skype specifications, forcing the delay.
  • Filings at the Federal Communications Commission reveal that Sony will be releasing the Ceramic White PlayStation 3 in North America. Originally released in Japan in November, the 40 GB units comes with a white DualShock 3 controller and retails for JPY 39,980 in the region.

PlayStation Network Updates

  • New Full-Game Downloads
    • Tori-Emaki – Now available for $1.99
    • Mesmerize Trace – Now available for $1.99
  • New Game Demos
    • Turok Demo – Free
    • FIFA Street 3 Demo – Free
  • New Game Add-Ons
    • MotorStorm Double Track Pack – $2.99
    • Rock Band Add-On Content – $0.99 – $5.49
    • Need for Speed Prostreet Add-On Content – $2.49 – $9.99
  • New Videos
    • Dynasty Warrios 6 Trailer – Free
    • Borderlands Trailer- Free
    • Lost Planet Trailer – Free

In the News – #10

  • Is it even possible? The Playstation 3 may be seeing another price cut very soon. This is coming from the same source that correctly predicted the price cuts for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 last year. The price they are saying is $299. This cut is supposed to happen on January 29th. We’ll have a complete story later tonight.
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea, the new MMO pirate game, launched yesterday.
  • Playstation 3 might also finally be coming to the United States in Ceramic White. No realease date has been set, or even an official announcement yet. However, Sony has filed paperwork with the FCC for the unit.
  • Is was to good to be true. It looks as if God of War III won’t be out until atleast December 2009. The game will be in 1080p, and will feature Sixaxis and rumble support when it makes it’s next-generation debut.
  • After previews for Grand Theft Auto IV ceased to exist when it was delayed in Fall of last year, a major wave of brand new previews were released today with new details and features. Go to to find out more.

Our first look at Resistance 2

Resistance 2 might very well be breaking some records with console video game co-op. Prove me wrong if you can.

Resistance 2, sequal to Resistance: Fall of Man, will support to different campaigns. It will offer mulitplayer battles of up to 60 players online via Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Also, it will offer multiplayer co-op of up to 8 players online. Seriously, prove it to me if I am wrong.

The 8 player online co-op will feature the full story-line. You can have up to a 2 player co-op locally. The online 60 player multiplayer features competitive modes which offers squad vs. squad battles. The battles take place on large United States landscapes.

More details:

  • 2 new enemies have been confirmed so far: Chameleon and Stalker (with total cloaking ability.)
  • For multiplayer, there are three basic classes from which you can chose:   tank with heavy weaponry, special ops for distance, and the all important medic.
  • Insomniac wants to fix problems with the first game. They are further tapping the power of the PS3 to give more enemies onscreen and improved AI. They are also working on a solution to the long checkpoints and health system.
  • Resistance 2 is scheduled for a 2008 release.