Our first look at Resistance 2

Resistance 2 might very well be breaking some records with console video game co-op. Prove me wrong if you can.

Resistance 2, sequal to Resistance: Fall of Man, will support to different campaigns. It will offer mulitplayer battles of up to 60 players online via Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Also, it will offer multiplayer co-op of up to 8 players online. Seriously, prove it to me if I am wrong.

The 8 player online co-op will feature the full story-line. You can have up to a 2 player co-op locally. The online 60 player multiplayer features competitive modes which offers squad vs. squad battles. The battles take place on large United States landscapes.

More details:

  • 2 new enemies have been confirmed so far: Chameleon and Stalker (with total cloaking ability.)
  • For multiplayer, there are three basic classes from which you can chose:   tank with heavy weaponry, special ops for distance, and the all important medic.
  • Insomniac wants to fix problems with the first game. They are further tapping the power of the PS3 to give more enemies onscreen and improved AI. They are also working on a solution to the long checkpoints and health system.
  • Resistance 2 is scheduled for a 2008 release.

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