In the News #13 – 1/28/2008

Daily news for January 28th, 2008.

  • Brand new screenshots have been released for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Go here to see them.
  • The 80GB Playstation 3 is officially being discontinued. 120GB/160GB may be on the way. Read more.
  • Consumers spent $9.5 billion on video games last year. That doesn’t include the hardware used to play them. Read more.
  • A new DS color has been leaked onto the internet. Read more.
  • Jack Thompson agrees that the Fox News team should have done their research more thouroughly when talking about Mass Effect. Read more.
  • 1080 Snowboarding (originally on Nintendo 64) is now available for Virtual Console download on the Wii system. Some reports are saying it will be available on Wednesday. How about you decide which it is if you care that much.
  • Kingdom Under Fire II has been announced. It comes complete with a single player campaign mode, and a very, very unique Massively Multiplayer Online mode where thousands of other players can play alongside you. This is unique because this is a console game and PC game. No specific consoles were mentioned in this announcement except that it will be released on “pc and console platforms.” It will release in 2009.

Mass Effect Controversy

We have all heard by now that Mass Effect was completely bullied and the sex scene was blown out of proportion on a recent Fox New’s Live Desk with Martha MacCallum program. The segement on Fox News was saying that there is full body nudity, a full sex scene in the game, and is being marketed to children. WRONG!

If you haven’t seen the debate during the show, try watching this video.

CAUTION!!! If you are a big fan of video games, this video will probably make you want to walk right up to Martha MacCallum and  Cooper Lawrence and cuss them out.

The update in this story is that Jack Thompson, an attorney known for blaming video games for the violent acts of children, actually didn’t agree with the claims the Fox News team was making. Here’s what Jack told Brian Crecente from Kotaku when asked for a comment about what he thinks of the Mass Effect debate:

“I don’t see any problem with it. The guy who shot his mouth off about it had no idea what the Hell he was talking about,” Thompson wrote, responding to Crecente’s comment that he was surprised Thompson wasn’t digging into the issue. “This contrived controversy is absolutely ridiculous.”

The reporters in that video and the Fox News Team on Live Desk with Martha MacCallum should be ashamed. For Pete’s Sake, even Jack Thompson thinks that they had no idea what they were talking about.

New DS color leaked

A new color for the Nintendo DS has been leaked onto the internet on The color is a nice, shiney looking Blue-Black combination. It resembles the Crimson-Onyx DS color combination; but of course this one is a Cobalt-Onyx type color scheme. 

The listing for this DS has since been taken down off of the Circuit City site. While it was up, no release date was given; but the usual price tag of $129.99 was posted. We can expect an announcement from Nintendo very soon.

Colbalt Blue DS

$9.5 Billion for Games in ’07

Video Games saw quite a year in 2007. So many highly anticipated games came out. But these weren’t free you know. We had to pay something for all of those millions of games bought last year.

According to data from the NPD Group and the Entertainment Software Association, United States alone bought nearly $10 billion worth of video games last year. The majority was for console games ($6.6 billion), portable games came in second ($2.2 billion), and PC games were bought the least ($0.9 billion).

Take a look at the pretty chart:
$9.5 billion in 2007

80GB Playstation Discontinued

It would seem that the 80GB version of the Playstation 3 is being phased out.

Last week, we reported on how Best Buy got a memo stating that the 80GB will no longer be restocked and only the 40GB will be sold. Here is a quote from that article:

“The 80GB version of the PS3 is going closeout and won’t be replaced at this time…It will come off the planogram on Jan. 28. The 60GB version should already be gone from stores. Only the 40GB version of PS3 will be sold in Best Buy stores at this time.”

It would now appear that we have an update to this developing story. Sony is going to continue offering 2 versions of the PS3 up for sale, and the 40GB system has been ‘confirmed’ to still be set in stone to be sold. Well if the 20GB, 60GB, and 80GB systems are all discontinued, what’s left?

An interesting article on is saying that the new system will feature 120GB or maybe even 160GB worth of hard drive space. This new version will also come with the Dual-shock 3 controller. The Spider-Man 3 bundle will disappear at the same time the 80GB system does. It is unclear what will now come packaged with the 40GB.

This story can also put to rest the rumor going around the net of a Playstation 3 price drop that is supposedly going to take place tomorrow. It is being said that the 120/160GB system will be the price of the 80GB ($499) and the 40GB will remain the same ($399.)