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Mass Effect Controversy

We have all heard by now that Mass Effect was completely bullied and the sex scene was blown out of proportion on a recent Fox New’s Live Desk with Martha MacCallum program. The segement on Fox News was saying that there is full body nudity, a full sex scene in the game, and is being marketed to children. WRONG!

If you haven’t seen the debate during the show, try watching this video.

CAUTION!!! If you are a big fan of video games, this video will probably make you want to walk right up to Martha MacCallum and  Cooper Lawrence and cuss them out.

The update in this story is that Jack Thompson, an attorney known for blaming video games for the violent acts of children, actually didn’t agree with the claims the Fox News team was making. Here’s what Jack told Brian Crecente from Kotaku when asked for a comment about what he thinks of the Mass Effect debate:

“I don’t see any problem with it. The guy who shot his mouth off about it had no idea what the Hell he was talking about,” Thompson wrote, responding to Crecente’s comment that he was surprised Thompson wasn’t digging into the issue. “This contrived controversy is absolutely ridiculous.”

The reporters in that video and the Fox News Team on Live Desk with Martha MacCallum should be ashamed. For Pete’s Sake, even Jack Thompson thinks that they had no idea what they were talking about.


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