• v2 Network Update

    In order to prepare the all new network, we will be experiencing some down time for a couple of hours. We have already have 2 scheduled downtimes and expecting one more within the next few days.

    Our new sites will be launched April 15th.

    All new Division network sites are also coming with the relaunch:
    -- GTA-Division.com v3
    -- TheSims-Division
    -- ClancyGames-Division
    -- and more.

  • Division-Gaming Network Now Hiring

    The Network is looking for some more staff members to help expand the rest of our network.

    Click here to find out more.

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Playstation Network Update 2/7/2008

Playstation Network Update for February 7th, 2008.

Playstation Network

  • Games
    • Downloadbale Full Games
      • Go! Sports Skydiving ($4.99)
    • PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP
      • Crash Bandicoot: WARPED ($5.99)
    • Add-on Game Content
      • MotorStorm Chinese New Year Skin (free)
    • Rock Band
      • “Calling Dr. Love” – Kiss ($1.99)
      • “We Care a Lot”—Faith No More ($1.99)
      • “Roam”—B-52s ($1.99)  
    • Demos
      • LOST PLANET Multiplayer Demo
  • Videos
    • Game Videos
      • Uncharted: Final Trailer (free)
      • MLB 08 The Show First Look (free)
      • Burnout Paradise Dev Diary (free)
      • Burnout Launch Trailer 1 (free)
      • Burnout Launch Trailer 2 (free)
      • Conflict “Destruction” Dev Diary (free)       
    • Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers
      • WALL•E Trailer 2 (free)
      • 30 Days of Night Trailer (free)
  • PS3 Wallpaper
    • (2) Uncharted Wallpapers (free)

PSN Store For PC

  • Downloadable Full Games
    • Go! Puzzle ($5.99)
  • Digital Comic
    • THE CRYPTICS ($2.99) 
  • PS one Classics for PS3 / PSP
    • Crash Bandicoot: WARPED ($5.99) 
  • Demos (free)
  • PSP Wallpaper (free)
    • Twisted Metal HO Wallpaper #1
  • Game Videos (free)
    • flOw PSP Trailer
    • Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 1
    • Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 2
    • THE CRYPTICS Video

In the New #21 – 2/7/2008

Daily News for February 7th, 2008.

  • Earlier today on GTA-Division, we reported on how Take-Two Interactive might be bought out by Viacom. Read more on GTA-Division.com.
  • Leading worldwide Publisher Lighthouse Interactive announced today that it has acquired full publishing rights for the PlayStation 2 and PSP system platforms in North America through its signed agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
  • Legendary is coming. The first-person-shooter from Atari and Gamecock will be coming to PCs, Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s in North America sometime this summer.
  • According to 1up.com, David Ortiz, the lead producer on the Madden football series, has left EA Tiburon. Family reasons were cited for the sudden leave from the company, but rumors say he was frustrated with the studio. Read more.
  • Well, we just went with the flow…and the flow turned out to be wrong. Duke Nukem Forever is not coming out in 2008, sorry. Yesterday, we reported that Duke Nukem Forever is coming out in 2008; but it turns out this was proven incorrect.

    “Quite simply, they are lying bastards and they know it,” Miller wrote.

    The release date remains “When it’s done.”

  • The Lost Planet: Extreme Condition multiplayer demo will be released on the next Playstation Network update.
  • A “Major League Eating” game has been announced. I can’t believe it either. Read more on IGN, I don’t have the stomach to explain it further.
  • Activision is saying they are going to ‘take it up a notch’ with their next installment in the Tony Hawk series. “We need to step up innovation,” stated one Activision executive. We’ll find out what they mean sooner or later.