• v2 Network Update

    In order to prepare the all new network, we will be experiencing some down time for a couple of hours. We have already have 2 scheduled downtimes and expecting one more within the next few days.

    Our new sites will be launched April 15th.

    All new Division network sites are also coming with the relaunch:
    -- GTA-Division.com v3
    -- TheSims-Division
    -- ClancyGames-Division
    -- and more.

  • Division-Gaming Network Now Hiring

    The Network is looking for some more staff members to help expand the rest of our network.

    Click here to find out more.

  • The Division-Gaming Network

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According to SignOnSanDiego.com, The Nintendo Wii is becoming fairly popular in rehab therapy. Patients that have suffered from strokes, broken bones, surgeries and combat injuries find Wiihabilitation more fun that regular PT. Though Nintendo doesn’t advertise the therapeutic uses of the Wii, a lot of hospitals around Chicago have purchased Wii’s.

Other facilities have already begun considering purchasing Wii’s for their physical therapy departments. Therapist Elizabeth Penny says she enjoys wathing her patients use the Wii:  

“They’re getting improved endurance, strength, coordination. I think it’s very entertaining for them”. 


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