In the News #25 – 2/13/2008

Daily News for February 13th, 2008.

  • Call of Duty 4 continues to control all that is Xbox Live. It stays on top as the most played Xbox Live title for last week, followed closely by Halo 3.
  • Meridian4 and Frozenbyte have announced that the single-player demo of Shadowgrounds Survivor is now available. The demo features 2 campaign mode levels and 1 survivor mode level to give players a taste of the action.
  • A new Lord of the Rings role-playing game, possibly titled The White Council, is in the making. Yesterday, the publisher of the game announced that they asked Pandemic to work on the new Rings title. Guess what, they accepted.
  • PlanetCommand&Conquer has revealed covers to two different magazines that are to be released next week that have Red Alert 3 on the front. Is this a confirmation of the game?
  • It’s not an officially official confirmation, but an ‘official’ confirmation of the discontinuation of the 80GB Playstation 3 has been released. Read More.
  • Dark Sector has been refused classification by the OFLC, Australia’s classification board. The Board described Dark Sector as a “violent and sometimes gruesome game with a sinister storyline and ominous outcome. The violence and aggression inflicted upon the protagonist is of a high level, naturalistic and not stylised at all.” Are we experiencing the Manhunt 2 incident all over again?

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