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1st Look at NASCAR 09

After a disappointing NASCAR 08 game, it appears that EA is once again trying to revive the NASCAR game title. If you go to any NASCAR game forum, you will quickly learn that the 2004 game was the last good game in the series.

NASCAR 09 was unveiled before the Sam’s Town 300 Nationwide race in Las Vegas, and it is looking pretty nice.

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9 Responses

  1. What I would like to know is, when is EA going to realease a new NASCAR game for the PC. Or better yet, sell the PC NASCAR licesnse to somone who can make a decent racing sim. I know there are far better PC racing sims available, but I still hunger for an officialy licensed NASCAR product. There has’t been a decent one sinse Papyrus used to make them, and now the old, out of print Papyrus/Seirra NASCAR games go for bif money on Ebay and Amazon.

    • The best game that I have found is the 2003 seirra Nascar game, man sure wish they would made and update..All the other don’t even come close.

  2. I know what you mean. The last NASCAR PC game was just a similator, not even really racing game. That was quite a few years ago too.

    Maybe if you start posting these requests on NASCAR game forums (like the ones over at EA’s website) then they might decide to make one. EA said themselves that they are fixing most of the problems this year based off of complaints posted on the EA Forums.

    Only time will tell.

  3. […] Julian Clover wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAfter a disappointing NASCAR 08 game, it appears that EA is once again trying to revive the NASCAR game title. If you go to any NASCAR game forum, you will quickly learn that the 2004 game was the last good game in the series. … […]

  4. There most definately needs to be a new NASCAR pc game. Go here for sim racing stuff, we are making our own http://www.procupsimracing.com

  5. yes we need a new game for pc i am sick of the wait ea is where they at becouse of the pc now the other game sys are out they forgot about us who have a pc pad good moneys for them to run there games and why would bye 2 sys one to play on net and one to play nascar game thats dum when my pc is a better sys the x box ps 2 and ps 3 plz help use out if nascar well not let you dam let us know how to get in contact with them i been get your game for my pc for long time now you are letting me down maybe you just do not care

  6. Wen the H*** is ea goin to make a new nascar game cuz im getin tierd of 4 and 2003 iv been waiten fr ever and im starten to think they dont give a F*** just like Carl says help us get in contact wit them

  7. We need a NEW PC nascar game NOW!!!! the old 2003 seirra game is the best out there, and it time to get it updated…. many track and driver changes..Come on, what the H… happen…PC gamers made you what you are….Step up to the plate

  8. yes if they can make games for x-box and ps2 and ps3 than they can make a PC game!!

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