February Best of the Best

Our First Annual “Best of the Best “ is coming this February. Take a look below at what is going on each week.

* This schedule will once again be updated very soon to include coverage of the Game Developer’s Conference ’08.

Week of the 3rd – 9th – “Step #1 – Expand the Network”
Sunday, 3rd –
 Turok: Our First Look, Best Launch Center Yet
Monday, 4th – Exclusive Videos Announcement
Tuesday, 5th – “What’s to come for 2008″
Wednesday, 6th – Release Nominee list for the ”Best of 2007 Awards.”

Thursday, 7th – Release of Division-Studios YouTube Profile (Delayed)
Friday, 8th – Release of Division-Studios.com (Cancelled)

Week of 11th – 15th – “Step #2 – Best of 2007”
Monday, 11th –
Best of 2007: “Special Achievment Winners Announced”
Tuesday, 12th – Best of 2007: “Biggest Stories of 2007 Winners Announced”
Wednesday, 13th – Best of 2007: “Genre Winners Announced”
Thursday, 14th – Best of 2007: “Platform Winners Announced”
Friday, 15th – Best of 2007: “Best Game and Best Platform Winners Announced” 

Week of 18th – 22nd – “Step #3 – Best of the Best Awards”
Monday, 18th –
Best Games Ever: 100-81
Tuesday, 19th – Best Games Ever: 80-61
Wednesday, 20th – Best Games Ever: 60-41
Thursday, 21st – Best Games Ever: 40-21
Friday, 22nd – Best Games Ever: 20-1 

Week of 25th – 29th – “Step #4 – Moving On”
Monday, 25th –
2007 Tribute video by Division-Studios.
Tuesday, 26th – “Most hyped games for 2008″
Wednesday, 27th – “The Battles Continue”
Thursday, 28th – “Biggest News stories that haven’t happened yet.”
Friday, 29th – Plans for “January 2009 Best of the Best ’08”
                          – Plans for “February 2009 Best of the Best.”

*Dates and scheduled activities are subject to change.


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