Biggest News Stories of 2007 Winners Now Live

We have finally launched our winners for the “Biggest News Stories of 2007” categories for our “Best of 2007 Awards.”

The Best of 2007 site can be found at:

The Biggest News Stories of ’07 section starts at:

Once again, enjoy.

(*Side note. We didn’t finish perfecting the last two categories, but we did list the winners. We’ll finish shortly.)

Special Achievement Winners Now Live

We have finally launched our winners for our “Special Achievement” categories for our “Best of 2007 Awards.”

The Best of 2007 site can be found at:

The Special Achievement section starts at:


Special Achievement and Biggest News Winners

UPDATE 11:20 p.m. Central: We have the website working better than it was. We now have some links we have to fix and a few more missing images and we’ll be good to go. The bad news is is that we have to delay our winners lists. Everything has been pushed back from it’s originally scheduled day. Which means “Special Achievement” winners will be announced tomorrow on the new Best Of ’07 site.

We think we may be getting close to solving the puzzle of how to fix the errors on our Best of 2007 site.

We have the winners for the Special Achievement categories and Biggest News categories ready to be posted. We are going to try and hold out a little longer to see if we can get the site fixed.

If we can’t get it fixed by tonight, we will post the winners on here. It won’t be as pleasing to look at though. It’ll just be a bunch of words as oppose to pretty pictures.

Stay tuned for an update. We have several people working on the site.

Best of 2007 Website Now Live

We have just launched a new website to host our “Best of 2007 Awards.” This site can be found at:

We will actually keep this site and update it every year for each year’s awards. This year, the website is actually located at Next year, it will be located at This way, we can actually keep past year’s awards safe and secure for archive purposes.

I have actually gotten earlier reports that there are some errors on the Best of 2007 site. For example, the site header isn’t showing up and is being replaced by the infamous box with a red x. We have someone currently working on this to get it fixed.

Due to the fact that we were trying to get this website launched today, we didn’t get our Special Achievement winners released. We were going to post them on the new site, but due to the errors, we couldn’t. We will post the “Special Achievement Winners” tomorrow, along with our “Biggest News Stories of 2007” winners if everything goes according to plan.

*In the News #22 will be posted in the morning.

A Change of Plans

UPDATE 2/11/2008 at 7:46 p.m. Central time: We have a very important update regarding our “Best of 2007 Awards.” We can’t announce it at this very second because we are still in discussion with someone who will play an important role in this. We can tell you though, that this is the reason why our “Special Achievement Winners” are running a little late.

Original Post: Our “February Best of the Best” celebration kind of got of to a bad start. We successfully released our Turok Launch Center, we announced our Exclusive Video deal, we released our “What’s to Come for 2008 Article,” and we unveiled the nominees for the “Best of 2007 Awards.”

The week kind of went downhill from there. We were forced to delay our release of our Division-Studios YouTube profile for various reasons, and we cancelled our plans to launch of Division-Studios website because it was incomplete. We will probably launch our YouTube profile on February 24th, and the website will be announced at a later point.

We are scheduled to release of “Special Achievement Winners” for our “Best of 2007 Awards” tomorrow. At this point in time, it is looking like everything is on schedule to be released on time.

Other than our “February Best of the Best,” everything else in the network seems to be going fine.

Grand Theft Auto IV once again took the throne as our Feature Games of the Week. has good things going on. We recently covered the release of the official GTA IV website and the large wave of new screenshots.

Throughout tomorrow, I will be updating this post to update you on even more changes that are going on with the network.

Best of 2007 Nominee List

Our Best of 2007 Nominee List has been posted. You can go see the entire list right here.

As you can see, we have taken out our “Idiotic Awards” due to several reasons. So we have added a few new categories that will still be spread out throughout next week, Monday – Friday.

Next Monday brings us the “Speciality Awards.”

What’s to come for 2008

          Many people are saying that 2007 was the greatest year for video games. You had Bioshock, Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, The Orange Box, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Playstation 3’s and Wii’s first full year on the market, and many more things that made it a great year. With 2007 in the past, we can now start looking ahead towards 2008 and what it has to bring us.

          Let’s just take a look at some of those video games that were being talked about since the beginning of 2007, some even back in 2006.

Read More here.

Division-Gaming Exclusive Videos are in the works

Not all of the details have been worked out yet, but there are some big plans in the making for and the entire Division-Gaming Network.

Division-Gaming may soon start getting exclusive videos to new video games that are coming out. These videos mostly consist of gameplay from games that have not yet been released.

We can hope that we will start receiving some of this videos relatively soon. I am currently talking with someone via email if they would like to handle the video team here on and our unreleased Division-Studios site. This is the same person that will bring you the first look at the exclusive videos.

As you can probably tell from this poorly written news post, I really don’t have much information that I can tell you than this. I will try and have more information soon.