New Server Online and More

Well, we have made even more progress in the ongoing development of Division-Gaming Network version 2.

  • Our server is now live and online.
  • We have registered a new domain.
  • and much more we will tell you about later.

I have to be honest, this new software we are using takes some getting used to. This should in no way interfer with your viewing experience of the new site, but I still have some things to learn. Thank goodness we have a team of ‘experts’ working on getting this network launched.

Our new network should be online April 15th…should be.

Remember, if you would like to operate a video game website hosted by the Division-Gaming Network, please email

2nd Scheduled Downtime

We will be experience our second, scheduled downtime within the next 24 hours. We are expecting it to be around 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, but it could end up be a little later than that.

After this downtime, there should only be one more. That one will probably come on April 14th.

New Features Coming with v2 Relaunch

I think it’s about time fo us to release a tad bit of info on our new network that will be relaunching within the next few weeks. Today was actually the day of the scheduled release, but due to time and money constraints, the date has been pushed back by a few weeks. We are now aiming for an April 15th release.

New Features that are to be expected:

  • More news, all day long. We won’t just be posting a daily post that gathers the news into one post. We will be posting news throughout the day covering whatever we feet like covering.
  • We will be hosting a Live, weekly internet talk show. The show will cover the past week’s video game news. We are looking at making the show an hour long and will air every Friday. During the show, we will be showing trailers and exclusive video game videos (among other things.) Guest Hosts will be encouraged alongside 2 regular hosts (to be announced at a later time.)
  • Much cleaner layout. We are very pleased with the software that we are using, and it should make our sites much easier to navigate and locate information.
  • Videos will no longer be linked from YouTube unless we are linking to a strictly YouTube video. Videos will be uploaded and streamed on our server.
  • Images will no longer be linked from image hosts unless we are linking to copyrighted material. They will be hosted on our server.
  • Much much more information is coming, but we thought we would space it out.

One last piece of information. Division-Gaming will be hosting a very special, exclusive event on April 28th, 2008. Our team will be hitting the streets throughout the United States to cover this story. More info coming soon.

Division-Gaming Network v2

It’s Coming


Spring 2008


Exclusive Lost Odyssey Video

We have a new exclusive Lost Odyssey video, “Sea Attack.”

You can watch it (exclusively) over at

A Change of Plans

UPDATE 2/11/2008 at 7:46 p.m. Central time: We have a very important update regarding our “Best of 2007 Awards.” We can’t announce it at this very second because we are still in discussion with someone who will play an important role in this. We can tell you though, that this is the reason why our “Special Achievement Winners” are running a little late.

Original Post: Our “February Best of the Best” celebration kind of got of to a bad start. We successfully released our Turok Launch Center, we announced our Exclusive Video deal, we released our “What’s to Come for 2008 Article,” and we unveiled the nominees for the “Best of 2007 Awards.”

The week kind of went downhill from there. We were forced to delay our release of our Division-Studios YouTube profile for various reasons, and we cancelled our plans to launch of Division-Studios website because it was incomplete. We will probably launch our YouTube profile on February 24th, and the website will be announced at a later point.

We are scheduled to release of “Special Achievement Winners” for our “Best of 2007 Awards” tomorrow. At this point in time, it is looking like everything is on schedule to be released on time.

Other than our “February Best of the Best,” everything else in the network seems to be going fine.

Grand Theft Auto IV once again took the throne as our Feature Games of the Week. has good things going on. We recently covered the release of the official GTA IV website and the large wave of new screenshots.

Throughout tomorrow, I will be updating this post to update you on even more changes that are going on with the network.

Exclusive Videos Have Started to Arrive (Rainbow Six Vegas 2)

As promissed, the exclusive videos we mentioned yesterday have started arriving. We will now be getting exclusive videos sponsored by All of the newest videos can be easily found on the left sidebar on every page of this site.

Today brings us 2 exclusive videos for the upcoming Tom Clancy game Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The videos are:

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 MLG Map
  • Rainbow Six Vegas Dev Diary #2
  • MLG Map

    Nothing takes you into the action more than the authenticity of a location, and what better location than an MLG Tournament event. MLG co-founder, Sundance Digiovanni, talks about working with Ubisoft to create a perfect tournament map. Sundance and the MLG crew add their expertise in play-tested tournament hits to the arsenal of innovative designers at Ubisoft. The result is an experience that gamers of all levels can become emersed in and enjoy to its full potential.

    Dev Diary #2

    Join J.P. Cambiotti, Lead Multiplayer Designer, as he details some of the newest improvements to the Rainbow Squad’s next Vegas adventure.  This time out there are numerous cooperative opportunites throughout story mode or in multiplayer maps, allowing friends to hop in and out of games with ease.  Familiar adversarial skirmishes, like Terrorist Hunt, are back, joined by Demolition and Team Leader game-types. Get ready, because ‘Rainbow Six Vegas 2’ packs all of the excitement of its predecessor with tons of new features and enhancements.

    We also have 5 new screenshots for Rainbow Six Vegas that came with the videos. We are still in the process of getting them uploaded though, so please check back in a few minutes.

    UPDATE 10:32 p.m.: Here they are:

    UPDATE 5:59 p.m. 2/7/2008: We have been asked nicely to take down the screenshots that we posted until they release them in high-res. Hopefully we will get them soon.

    Division-Gaming Exclusive Videos are in the works

    Not all of the details have been worked out yet, but there are some big plans in the making for and the entire Division-Gaming Network.

    Division-Gaming may soon start getting exclusive videos to new video games that are coming out. These videos mostly consist of gameplay from games that have not yet been released.

    We can hope that we will start receiving some of this videos relatively soon. I am currently talking with someone via email if they would like to handle the video team here on and our unreleased Division-Studios site. This is the same person that will bring you the first look at the exclusive videos.

    As you can probably tell from this poorly written news post, I really don’t have much information that I can tell you than this. I will try and have more information soon.

    First Official Division-Studios Video

    We have recently posted our first official Division-Studios Video on YouTube.

    Check it out: