In the News #30 – 2/20/2008

Daily News for February 20th, 2008.

  • GDC 08: Release dates for Wii Fit and WiiWare were announced during GDC 08. Read More.
  • Capcom announced today that 2 million copies of Devil May Cry 4 have been shopped worldwide. This includes shipments for Japan,  North America, and Europe.
  • David Braben’s Frontier Developments announced today that its first title for WiiWare, LostWinds.
  • GDC 08: Gears of War 2 has been officially announced. Along with this, a teaser trailer has also been released. Also, a Limited Edition version will also be available when the game releases in November 2008. View the trailer and read more here.
  • GDC 08: The release date for Ninja Gaiden II has also been announced for a June 3rd, 2008 release.
  • GDC 08: During the Microsoft KeyNote, Lionhead Studio had a surprise for Fable 2. Instead of demoing the game, it was revealed that prior to the release of Fable 2, there will be a mini-game available for download that lets you build up your character before you even begin the game. Not much else is known as of right now.
  • GDC 08: A Ninja Gaiden II demo is apparently coming to Xbox Live soon. Go to the Marketplace tab on Xbox Live and look at what is in the Spotlight. Go up to the GDC banner and then go down to find a tab for New Game Announcements. Under Ninja Gaiden II you can a tab for an upcoming demo currently listed as “Coming Soon.”
  • 2K Games has announced that Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution will be in stores beginning June 3, 2008. It will be available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo DS.
  • GDC 08: Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One has been announced for an August ’08 release. Don’t know what it is? Read More Here.

GDC 08 – Gears of War 2 Finally Announced!

Today, during the GDC Microsoft Keynote, Gears of War 2 was officially announced. A teaser trailer was played during the keynote which can be seen below:

The keynote ended with an announcement that the release date for GoW2 is November 2008 as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Along with all this, Microsoft and Epic Games will be releasing a Limited Edition version of the game as well as the regular standard edition. No details on what exactly the Limited Edition will contain as of yet.

In the News – #6

  • A Gears of War prequel novel is coming soon. The novel, Gears Of War Pendulum Wars The Battle Of Aspho Fields, is written by Steven Kent and published by random House. It is expected for an August 26, 2008 release. It will be 352 pages long.
  • From the maker of the outrageously amazing recreation of the first 2 GTA IV trailers in San Andreas comes, “Move Up, Ladies,” in San Andreas. The user who made the remakes, Haris Sacic (Brotha), has had his remakes of the GTA IV trailers featured in PSM in one of their fall issues and his videos have had literally millions of views. You can watch his “Move up, Ladies” remake right here and view all of his videos right here.
  • A 20-year-old man from Saratoga Springs, New York has been arrested for allegedly stalking a 15-year-old girl in Spokane, Washington after the two met online while playing Halo. The man drove from his home in New York and drove by the girl’s house in Washington threateningher with text messages. When he drove by the girl’s house, he honked his car horn. The parents of the girl were able to get his license plate. Police tracked him down to a Spokane hotel where he was arrested. He was released 8 hours later on a $10,000 bond.