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CES Video Game Update

  • Earlier today, we reported about how Microsoft is considering adding Blu-Ray support. This is a report that came from CES, so we will go ahead and post it here.
  • Are you a person that owns the Playstation 3 versions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3? Do you keep forgetting which guitar goes to which game? If you answered yes to one, or for that matter none, then this guitar is right for you. In March, Nyko will be releasing the “Front Man,” a wireless controller for PS3 that is compatible with both GH3 and Rock Band. You can play up to 80 hours on batteries wirelessly, and can easily switch between GH3 and Rock Band with the flick of a switch.
  • In an update coming later this year, PS3 owners will be able to automatically make a lower quality version of any High Def Blu-Ray movie in their library and save it to PSP or Memory stick. Watching a movie on your memory stick, rather than a UMD, actually saves battery life.
  • It has been confirmed that the PSP is getting a camera and GPS, but it is now confirmed that it’s also getting a keyboard. The camera and GPS should be available by the end of this year. The keyboard is scheduled for sometime in 2009.
  • The may perhaps by the ‘big news’ that was supposed to be released during Microsoft’s Keynote; but ABC Television Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. will be offering U.S. Xbox LIVE members entertainment content via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store, some of which will be in High-Definition.
  • British Telecom will begin selling Xbox 360s that will run Mediaroom in the UK only.
  • The Tech Emmys took place recently at CES. Nintendo wins for the 2nd year in a row, this time for “Excellence in Engineering Creativity.” The rest of the winners are below:

2008 Tech Emmy Winners:
Development of Massively Multiplayer Online Graphical Role Playing Games:

– Sony Online Entertainment, EverQuest, Laura Naviaux
– Blizzard, World of Warcraft, Mike Morhaime
– AOL/Time Warner, Neverwinter Nights, Don Daglow

User Generated Content/Game Modification:
-EA, Pinball Construction, Bill Budge
-Id Software, Quake, John Carmack
-Linden Labs, Second Life, Philip Rosedale

In the News – #8

  • LEGO Batman screenshots have finally been released. You can check out all of the screenshots on G4’s LEGO Batman Gallery.
  • Video Game companies were winning it big Monday night at the Tech Emmy’s at CES. Nintendo was able to win for a second year in a row. We will have full details later tonight with “CES Video Game Update.”
  • Connect 2008 is happening in Birmingham, England between March 14 and 15 at Omega Sektor. There are a limited amount of tickets. They will go on sale when the official website launches.
  • Watch Blu-Ray movies with your PSP! Details coming later tonight with “CES Video Game Update.”
  • More gadgets for the PSP are coming this year. Details tonight with “CES Video Game Update.”
  • We try not to post rumors, but this one is making us pretty excited. Apparently, this awesomely awesome James Bond game for the N64, “Goldeneye,” is coming to Xbox Live. Rumors say it will be available for download with updated graphics and online multiplayer. Maybe this will come true.
  • As Blu-Ray continues to dominate the war of HD over HD-DVD (referring to how Paramount and Warner Brothers will no longer support HD-DVD,) Microsoft may be considering supporting the Blu-Ray format for the Xbox 360. Sony makes both Blu-Ray and Playstation 3.
  • The Crysis 1.1 Patch is now available. Click here to see the updates from the patch. (You may need to verify your age.)
  • Sid Meier will be receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at this years Game Developer’s Conference in February. Sid Meier is a famous video game designer who has made such games as Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, Pirates! and many more.
  • The Wii Fit, which was debuted last year at E3 2007, has hit the 1 million sale mark in Japan. It has been on the market for only about a month.

Many more news updates, along with the ones that we noted above, will be coming later tonight in our post “CES Video Game Update.” There is a lot to talk about.

2008 Microsoft CES Keynote

In theory, the Microsoft CES Keynote should be starting any minute now. Also in theory, you should be able to watch the Microsoft Keynote LIVE right here on Microsoft’s Silverlight powered CES website.

We will update this post with any video game related news that comes out of the conference.

Stay Tuned!

UPDATE (8:28 p.m. Central Time): An announcer just come over the loud speaker and said the keynote is starting in 2 minutes. Maybe it will actually start on time.

UPDATE (8:33 p.m. Central Time): The keynote has started. Watch it live on Microsoft’s CES site.

UPDATE (8:40 p.m. Central Time): Bill Gates takes the stage.

UPDATE (8:47 p.m. Central Time): A pretty funny video started on the big screen behind Bill Gates. The video was a dramatization of Bill Gates’ departure from a full-time position of Microsoft. The video featured many celebrities like George Clooney, Hilary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and many more. We’ll try and get the complete list a little later.

UPDATE (9:01 p.m. Central Time): Mika Krammer takes the stage to explain some new technology that Microsoft has to offer. Such as Windows Live.

UPDATE (9:06 p.m. Central Time): Bill Gates comes back to the stage.

UPDATE (9:10 p.m. Central Time): A video shows what Microsoft’s Silverlight software will do to improve NBC’s coverage of the 2008 Olympics.

UPDATE (9:13 p.m. Central Time): Bill Gates brings Robbie Bach onstage to discuss games and other things. It could be time for the big announcement.

UPDATE (9:18 p.m. Central Time): Robbie Bach says BT software will become available for the Xbox 360. Could this mean you will be able to browse the internet with the 360?

UPDATE (9:22 p.m. Central Time): Robbie Bach and Molly O’Donnell discuss the Zune updates.

UPDATE (9:24 p.m. Central Time): Molly drives a car onstage and Robbie and Molly demonstrate the updates of Sync technology for vehicles.

UPDATE (9:27 p.m. Central Time): Windows Mobile updates.

UPDATE (9:32 p.m. Central Time): Bill comes back to help Robbie discuss more Microsoft Mobile technology.

UPDATE (9:36 p.m. Central Time): Bill almost plays Guitar Hero 3. He brings on Slash to play for him.

UPDATE (9:39 p.m. Central Time): This concludes the Microsoft 2008 CES press conference.

Kick starting CES

Today started off the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show (CES.) It might not be all about video games, but video games are expected to make a larger impression this year ever since E3 was done sized last year.

Microsoft’s Press Conference happens in a few hours at 9:30 p.m Eastern/8:30 p.m. Central. As we have mentioned before, there is supposed to be a big announcement regarding the Xbox 360. Bill Gates will be doing the conference, maybe for the last time since he is going to a part-time position at Microsoft.

We will keep you updated.

In the News – #7

  • Nintendo fans with both a Wii and a DS will soon be able to download DS games to their Wii and then transfer them to their DS. We’re at the moment what sort of “complete games” will be made available or when the first offerings would launch. We also aren’t sure how you will be able to save these to your DS.
  • Microsoft has a “big announcement” that will be announced at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) The announcement has to due with the Xbox 360. Bill Gates himself is said to make the announcement. The show will take place January 7-10, 2008. We will be here to cover the announcement.
  • It looks like there is still no Wii version of Rock Band being planned. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be one eventually, it just won’t be right now.
  • Another announcement that could be coming at next weeks Consumer Electronics Show is if PSP is getting Skype support soon. This and a few other features for the PSP are expected to be announced next.
  • Sony might be considering a subscription-plan for the Playstation Network/Store. They are currently running a survey with one question asking if a subscription plan that allows unlimited downloads is a good idea. This survey is only for the Asia market.
  • Do you have a gaming record that you want in the Guiness book of World Records? You can submit your record on their website.


  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is not being released for the Xbox 360. It is a Playstation 3 exclusive.
  • FarCry 2 has been officially announced for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.
  • Another animated movie tie-in is in the works. This time it is for the Pixar movie “Wall-E.” It is a multi-platform game that is coming from THQ.