In the News #58 – 3/31/2008

Daily News for March 31st, 2008.

  • Ever played Portal and loved the song played during the end credits? Do you own Rock Band for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you’re in luck. Harmonix, MTV Games and Valve announced that Jonathan Coulton song, “Still Alive,” will soon be available as an add-on track for Rock Band. The song will be available for the Xbox 360 on April 1st and for the PlayStation 3 on April 17th. The track will be free.
  • The all new Playstation Store will be released on April 17th, 2008. A new, easier to navigate layout is apart of this major update.

In the News #57 – 3/28/2008

Daily News for March 28th, 2008.

  • The Playstation Network has been hacked. Sony made an announcement on their Playstation website that someone had hacked into the Playstation Store and possibly into users’ accounts. Sony was able to take immediate action and it looks as if the hackers did not obtain any credit card information. Read more on the Playstation Website.
  • Xbox Live will be experiencing some downtime on April 1st for scheduled upgrade. It will take 3 hours to complete starting at 2am PST.
  • Is the next Mortal Kombat on the way? Just take a look at The website is registered to Ed Boon (creative director of the Mortal Kombat) and Midway Games. Right now, the site features a countdown timer which ends in a little less than 20 days and promisses “Answers.” Underneath the countdown timer are 4 pictures of animals.
    • One IGN user, tmeadows34, pointed out that the 4 animals are: Rhino, Anteater, Gorilla, Elephant. If you take the letter at the beginning of each animal’s name, it spells out “R.A.G.E.” Could the new Mortal Kombat be using the RAGE engine to build the game? Only time will tell.

In the News #56 – 3/27/2008

Daily News for March 27th, 2008.

  • The fourth and final Grand Theft Auto IV trailer before the game’s release on April 29th has arrived. You can go watch “Go lord, What are you doing?” aka “Everyone’s a Rat” right here.
  • A demo for Ninja Gaiden II is on the calendar for a release sometime in May.
  • It has been announced by EA that Madden NFL 09 will be available in stores on August 12th, 2008. A new special edition, Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, has also been announced for a release on the 12th. It will feature full versions of both Madden NFL 09 and the all-new NFL Head Coach 09, exclusive classic Madden NFL gameplay, and an extensive library of exclusive bonus video content.
  • Sony has announced that SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation will be released on September 16th, 2008.
  • Rockstar Games has announced an online community, Rockstar Social Club, that will launch on April 15th. The first game that it will feature is Grand Theft Auto IV. Go here to read the details from our original source.
  • The latest Playstation Network update is ready to go. Read More.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 has been confirmed, and for a 2009 release.
  • WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 has been confirmed, but an announcement won’t come until tomorrow.

In the News #46 – 3/13/2008

Daily News for March 13th, 2008.

  • Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg confirmed, “Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience.” The rumors were wrong.
  • Capcom officially announced plans to release a two month long beta for Super Street Fighter II HD Turbo Remix. It will only be available through the Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 group manager Aaron Greenberg said production is back on track for the console and that he expects console sales to back back in the coming months. The Playstation 3 is still likely to have outsold the Xbox 360 for the month of February.
  • The Playstation Store has been updated. Read the full list of details on IGN.
  • Team Fortress 2, Portal, and the Half-Life 2: Episode Pack will be available April 9th, 2008. They are all now stand-alone titles.
  • The Playstation 3 did indeed manage to outsell the Xbox 360 in the month of February. The PS3 was able to sell 280,000 as oppose to the 360’s 254,000. The DS came in first place with 587,000 units sold. The Wii came in second with 432,000 sold. Somehow, the Playstation 2 is still manage to outsell the PS3 and 360 to land in 3rd place with 351,000 units sold. The PSP was able to crawl into last place with 243,000 sales.
  • Call of Duty 4 managed to stay atop the charts for most units sold in February. It pulled in 296,000 new owners. Devil May Cry 4 came in second with 295,000.

In the News #41 – 3/6/2008

Daily News for March 6th, 2008.

  • In celebration of the release of Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008, a major party is going down in New York City on March 11th. The #1 Guitar Hero player, Chris Chike, aka “iamchris4life,” will attempt to set a new record for highest score in Single Player. More information on this event can be found in the Comment Section of this post.
  • Damnation, a new shooter game brought to you by Blue Omega Entertainment, is coming to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC in late 2008.
  • New Guitar Hero III tracks are now available on Xbox Live and the Playstation Store. A free track will also be available for download on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Halo 3 has been updated. Several glitches have been fixed, along with a new event being announced. Double XP is a weekend event where players can earn double the points for winning teams. This event only takes place for the next two weekends.
  • The newest Crysis patch, 1.2, is now available. It has made improvements to multiplayer, mod support, and balance of weapons, AI and vehicles.
  • Valve has recently announced that it would release Half Life 2: Episode I/II, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 as individual boxes at retail outlets. Portal will cost $19.99, while Team Fortress 2, and Episodes I/II will both retail for $29.99.

In the News #39 – 3/4/2008

Daily News for March 4th, 2008.

  • Just as a heads up, the Playstation Network Store is getting a major overhaul come April. Keep on the lookout.
  • The Wii port of Okami is being pushed back 3 weeks from it’s original March 25th release to April 15th.
  • New DLC for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is now available on Xbox Live. The DLC pack includes a new co-op campain and 9 additional maps.
  • If you are planning to pre-order Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 over in the UK, might I suggest pre-ordering the the UK retailer GAME. They are offering 500 free Microsoft Points that you can use to purchase Xbox Live Downloadable Content.

Playstation Network Update (2/28/2008)

Playstation Network Update for February 28th, 2008.

Playstation Store

  • Add-On Content
    • Pain
      • Scurv Dogg Character ($0.99)
    • Rock Band
      • “March of the Pigs” – Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
      • “The Collector” – Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
      • “The Perfect Drug” – Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
      • Nine Inch Nails Track Pack 1 ($5.49)
      • The following tracks have been readded to the store. If you have previously downloaded these, then you can redownload them for free. If you have never downloaded them, you will have to pay full price.
        • “Can’t Stand Losing You”
        • “Roxanne”
        • “Synchronicity II”
        • “Police Pack 01”
        • “Limelight”
    • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
      • No Doubt Track Pack ($6.25)
        • “Don’t Speak”
        • “Excuse Me Mr”
        • “Sunday Morning”
  • Game Videos
    • MLB 08 The Show My MLB Music Video
    • MLB 08 The Show Blog Video
    • NBA 08 Amare Stoudemire Bio
    • Condemned 2: Bloodshot Trailer 1
    • Lost Planet Trailer 2
  • Movie and Blu-Ray Disk Trailers
    • Star Trek Teaser Trailer
  • PS3 Themes
    • Pain
      • Scurv Dogg Theme
  • PS3 Wallpaper
    • (4) Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Wallpapers

Playstation Store for PC

  • Game Videos
    • Petapon Trailer
    • Secret Agent Clank Trailer

In the News #36 – 2/28/2008

Daily News for February 28th, 2008.

  • “Don’t Speak,” “Excuse Me Mr.,” and “Sunday Morning,”  from No Doubt’s hit album Tragic Kingdom are available now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store for Guitar Hero III track list.
  • The Wii came out the big winner over in Japan between January 28th and February 24th. The Wii sold 332,000 units to be the best selling console in that time period, with second place being the DS, with 230,000 units sold. PS3 managed to sell 89,000 units over the period, with the Xbox 360 selling 14,000 units.
  • Earlier this week, we covered the story of Metal Gear Solid 4 getting its own Playstation 3 bundle to be released sometime in June. We speculated that it would probably be June 12th. We now official word that the exact release date is June 12th, 2008.

In the News #31 – 2/21/2008

Daily News for February 21st, 2008.

  • Microsoft announced today that they’re cutting the price on four of the Xbox 360 SKUs in Canada. The Xbox 360 Elite is dropping from $499 to $449; the Xbox 360 Premium system is dropping from $399 to $349; the Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle has been reduced by 20 dollars to $279, and the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 is reducing its price from $449 to $399.
  • GDC 08: Bionic Commando Rearmed is set to arrive on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and PC in May.
  • GDC 08: Portal 2 has been confirmed. It was revealed on tonights episode of X-Play. Read More and see video.
  • GDC 08: The end credit song from Portal, “Still Alive,” is going to be released as Rock Band downloadable content in the near future.

Really? Is that it? Yes. Weird Huh!?!

In the News #29 – 2/19/1008

Daily News for February 19th, 2008.

  • Toshiba announced today that it will stop manufacturing HD-DVD players. Which means that the HD-DVD has pretty much lost the High-Definition war. Who could have known that Sony was making a good decision with making the PS3 a Blu-Ray player? Weird.
  • Capcom has announced its demo for the upcoming Lost Planet: Extreme Condition on PS3 will be available on the UK PlayStation Network on Thursday, February 21st.
  •  According to The Famitsu Marketing Data Service 1,729,034 Playstation 3s, PSPs, and Playstation 2s were sold across Japan in just the month of January. The PSP was the most popular piece of Sony hardware sold during the month, with almost 400,000 units. The Playstation 3 sold 166,000 units in January in Japan. And somehow, after seven years on the market, the Playstation 2 still managed to sell 74,000 units in January in Japan.