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In the News #59 – 4/1/2008

Daily News for April Fools’ Day, April 1st, 2008.

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2, having only been on the market for one week, has sold nearly 2 million copies.
  • The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and Clearspring Technologies  have announced the launch of a new ESRB ratings search widget that is available for free use and download by consumers right here. This widget allows the user to search for ratings for more than 14,000 games. The widget is fully customizable (color, size, and language) and can be placed on desktops and on blogs and websites.
  • A new patch is available for The Sims 2 Freetime that allows you to play catch, fix cars, build trains, and practive ballet among other things. This download is available for free from the German The Sims 2 website.
  • Stormfront Studios, developer of recent projects such as Spiderwick Chronicles and Eragon, is closing its doors. A Stormfront Representative confirmed the rumors to Next-Gen.biz just today. The representative states that “Frankly, we didn’t get pitched, and the project [we were working on] made no revenue… The economy is such that the projects that we weren’t winning, ended.”
  • Grand Theft Auto IV continues to heat up. Several news reports are rolling in daily. To check them all out, go over to GTA-Division.com.

In the News #55 – 3/26/2008

Daily News for March 26th, 2008.

  • Remember Yakuza, an (not very) old PS2 game? Well the sequel, Yakuza 2, has been announced for a release in Europe. It’s coming out sometime in 2008.
  • That Resident Evil 5 footage that we (reported on?) has been released on a DVD in the latest issue of Famitsu. Rather than a new trailer, the DVD contains off-screen footage of the game being played in the background of an interview with producer Jun Takeuchi. A video of the developement tools used to the create the game is also on the DVD.
  • Ubisoft has announced a special Xbox Live High Stakes entertainment weekend for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Friday, March 28th, fans atleast 18 years old will be able to participate in a variety of online events including a 72-hour Play & Win Sweepstakes where every hour a player will be awarded with special prize packages. A Grand Prize of an autographed Xbox 360 Elite signed by the Montreal Development Team and 12 months of Xbox Live Gold will be awarded to the top Rainbow Six player over the 72 hour period.
  • Ubisoft also announced a new map for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 that is only available at Gamestop stores and Gamestop.com. This map is sponsored by Comcast, hince the name of the map, “Comcast Optimized Major League Gaming Map.” Go to IGN to read more.
  • It looks like Gran Turismo 5 won’t be coming out until sometime in 2009. According to a response to a comment made on the PlayStation.Blog by producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, “GT5 is still about a year away. You should just decide now to buy it, enjoy it, go online and race against anyone and everyone, rank number one worldwide, get the girl (or guy) and become the most popular kid in town. The end.”
  • A new Team Fortress 2 PC update is coming next month, including new maps.

Exclusive: R6V2 Bonus Map Unlock Code

One of my contacts has informed me of something that all fans of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will love.

GameInvasion.net has released an exclusive unlock code for a multi-player bonus map for Rainbow Six Vegas 2!

The main page that provides access to the exclusive videos, the unlock code, and other information can be found here.

The exact page for the unlock code and instructions for Xbox360/PS3 is right here.

In the News #45 – 3/12/2008

Daily News for March 12th, 2008.

  • Nintendo announced today that Mario Kart Wii is being released on April 27th, 2008. The game is coming packaged with the Wii Wheel. It will feature 12-player multiplayer online.
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be arriving in European stores on March 28th, 2008. It’ll be debuting on the PlayStation Network on March 27. Both versions will cost £24.99. On the same day, a new PlayStation 3 bundle will be released for £299.99 which gets you a 40GB console and a copy of the game.
  • We have a new teaser trailer for Motorstorm 2 to let you feast your eyes on. Check it out.
  • Brand new details for NASCAR 09 have arrived! Carl Edwards is finally in the game, Jeff Gordan is on the cover for a third time…Read More.
  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 Legacy Edition is coming April 2008. It will include the original game and an additional disk containing all the GRAW 2 downloadable packs available on Xbox Live to date.
  • Remember our story about the inaugural Guiness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008 party that was going on in New York City? Well IGN has the results.
  • A Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 exclusive video has arrived. Read More.

Exclusive Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Video

We finally have another exclusive video that we would like to share with you. This one is all about Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. This video shows off many of the new and revamped features the game has to offer.

GameInvasion Exclusive: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 New Features Video

Also, our Launch Center for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is coming pretty soon, keep an eye out. This is probably going to be our last Launch Center before the release of the all new network.

What’s to come for 2008

          Many people are saying that 2007 was the greatest year for video games. You had Bioshock, Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, The Orange Box, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Playstation 3’s and Wii’s first full year on the market, and many more things that made it a great year. With 2007 in the past, we can now start looking ahead towards 2008 and what it has to bring us.

          Let’s just take a look at some of those video games that were being talked about since the beginning of 2007, some even back in 2006.

Read More here.

Exclusive Videos Have Started to Arrive (Rainbow Six Vegas 2)

As promissed, the exclusive videos we mentioned yesterday have started arriving. We will now be getting exclusive videos sponsored by GameInvasion.net. All of the newest videos can be easily found on the left sidebar on every page of this site.

Today brings us 2 exclusive videos for the upcoming Tom Clancy game Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The videos are:

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 MLG Map
  • Rainbow Six Vegas Dev Diary #2
  • MLG Map

    Nothing takes you into the action more than the authenticity of a location, and what better location than an MLG Tournament event. MLG co-founder, Sundance Digiovanni, talks about working with Ubisoft to create a perfect tournament map. Sundance and the MLG crew add their expertise in play-tested tournament hits to the arsenal of innovative designers at Ubisoft. The result is an experience that gamers of all levels can become emersed in and enjoy to its full potential.

    Dev Diary #2

    Join J.P. Cambiotti, Lead Multiplayer Designer, as he details some of the newest improvements to the Rainbow Squad’s next Vegas adventure.  This time out there are numerous cooperative opportunites throughout story mode or in multiplayer maps, allowing friends to hop in and out of games with ease.  Familiar adversarial skirmishes, like Terrorist Hunt, are back, joined by Demolition and Team Leader game-types. Get ready, because ‘Rainbow Six Vegas 2’ packs all of the excitement of its predecessor with tons of new features and enhancements.

    We also have 5 new screenshots for Rainbow Six Vegas that came with the videos. We are still in the process of getting them uploaded though, so please check back in a few minutes.

    UPDATE 10:32 p.m.: Here they are:

    UPDATE 5:59 p.m. 2/7/2008: We have been asked nicely to take down the screenshots that we posted until they release them in high-res. Hopefully we will get them soon.