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    In order to prepare the all new network, we will be experiencing some down time for a couple of hours. We have already have 2 scheduled downtimes and expecting one more within the next few days.

    Our new sites will be launched April 15th.

    All new Division network sites are also coming with the relaunch:
    -- GTA-Division.com v3
    -- TheSims-Division
    -- ClancyGames-Division
    -- and more.

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What’s to come for 2008

          Many people are saying that 2007 was the greatest year for video games. You had Bioshock, Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, The Orange Box, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Playstation 3’s and Wii’s first full year on the market, and many more things that made it a great year. With 2007 in the past, we can now start looking ahead towards 2008 and what it has to bring us.

          Let’s just take a look at some of those video games that were being talked about since the beginning of 2007, some even back in 2006.

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In the News – #5

  • Jerry Bruckheimer, the man behind movies and hit shows like CSI and many more, is teaming up with MTV to create video games.
  • IGN has posted an interview with the lead game designer of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, and discussed some new features for the upcoming Rainbow Six title. A new teaser trailer for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was also released.
  • The long-awaited title, Duke Nukem Forever, is back in the news with a new teaser trailer. The devolpers are still promissing a multi-platform game, but has yet to announce which platforms and when the game might be released.
  • Another interview brought up some questions a couple of days ago regarding the Half-Life series. Kotaku interviewed Doug Lombardi regarding the future of the series. He says the series won’t end after Half-Life 2: Episode 3.
  • New features and info has been released for Saint’s Row 2. The city, Stillwater, is newly revamped and 45% larger with 130 playable building interiors. Helicopters, speedboats, jet-skis, and planes are new to the series. You can literally crash helicopters and planes into the inside of buildings. The story mode can be played entirely in co-op and you can chose to play as a male, female, or as an undecided individual.