In the News #36 – 2/28/2008

Daily News for February 28th, 2008.

  • “Don’t Speak,” “Excuse Me Mr.,” and “Sunday Morning,”  from No Doubt’s hit album Tragic Kingdom are available now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store for Guitar Hero III track list.
  • The Wii came out the big winner over in Japan between January 28th and February 24th. The Wii sold 332,000 units to be the best selling console in that time period, with second place being the DS, with 230,000 units sold. PS3 managed to sell 89,000 units over the period, with the Xbox 360 selling 14,000 units.
  • Earlier this week, we covered the story of Metal Gear Solid 4 getting its own Playstation 3 bundle to be released sometime in June. We speculated that it would probably be June 12th. We now official word that the exact release date is June 12th, 2008.