Grand Theft Auto

To keep completely up to date with Grand Theft Auto IV and the entire GTA series, go to our GTA website:

Even with that website, this page right here will also hold our Launch Center for Grand Theft Auto IV the week before it releases.

Basic Information

Developer Rockstar North
Publisher Rockstar Games
Distributor Take-Two Interactive
Engine R.A.G.E.
Genre Action
Game Modes Single Player & Multiplayer
Platforms Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3

Release Dates

North America on April 29th,2008

Europe on April 29th, 2008

Australia on April 29th, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV will be simultaneously released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 29th, ’08 worldwide.

Special Edition

The Special Edition preorder of GTA IV will contain:
* A Rockstar keychain for the safe deposit box keys.
* A limited edition Rockstar duffel bag.
* Production artwork from GTA IV in the “Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book”.
* Selected soundtrack CD from Grand Theft Auto IV, featuring new material from top artists, only available on this release.
* A specially packaged version of the game for either PS3 or Xbox 360.

Limited pre-orders for the special edition of GTA IV were available from May 21 and will retail for the price of USD $89.99 in North America, €89,99 in Europe and AUS $149.95 in Australia.

Episodic Content

Edit: These dates could change because of the delay.

Microsoft has paid $50,000,000 for the exclusive rights for two episodes of downloadable content via Xbox Live. The first episode will be available in Spring ’08 and the second episode will be available later in fiscal ’08.

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