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1st Look at NASCAR 09

After a disappointing NASCAR 08 game, it appears that EA is once again trying to revive the NASCAR game title. If you go to any NASCAR game forum, you will quickly learn that the 2004 game was the last good game in the series.NASCAR 09 was unveiled before the Sam’s Town 300 Nationwide race in Las Vegas, and it is looking pretty nice.

Jeff Gordon managed to make the front cover for the game (already having been on the NASCAR 06 cover with teammate Jimmie Johnson.) Jeff Gordon is doing much more than just being the cover guy, he is there to guide you through your career. Other drivers will be featured in video segments introducing their specific driver challenges.

Something that made quite a few people mad over the last few games is that driver of the #99 Office Depot Car, Carl Edwards, was not in the games due to contract restraints. He has finally come to an agreement with EA to be included in the game.

Career Mode is the new version of “Fight to the Top” mode that was last featured in NASCAR 07. Right from the get go you are able to compete in the Sprint Cup. In previous games, you had to work your way up to be able to compete in the Cup series. You are still able to compete in the Craftsmen Truck Series or Nationwide series. Even if you begin your career in the Sprint Cup, your reputation level will still start at zero. Your earn more reputation by winning races and not crashing. As you earn more reputation, more contracts and sponsor deals will come your way. Also, the amount of respect you have determines how other drivers respond to you on the track. If your reputation level is high, then other drivers will try harder not to wreck you.

Past NASCAR games (like 08 for instance) has some pretty intense ‘bumping.’ When other drivers would bump you, you would most likely spin out of control and hit the wall. Rather than causing you to spin and wind up in last place or even completely out of a race, minor bumps will have less of an effect. There will come times when some bumps will still be pretty intense though.

The EA team has recorded audio from actual race cars driving at different speeds and chopped it up based on RPMs.

Last year’s NASCAR 08 game was terrible with custom car paint schemes and sponsor. In the Chase Mode, after you finally made it into being able to race in the CUP series, you were not allowed to have a sponsor. EA appears to be making up for that this year. We were told to expect some “really cool things with paint schemes.”

It was also announced that NASCAR 09 is scheduled for a June 10th, 2008 release. This is a whole 6 weeks sooner than usual. More info coming soon.


6 Responses

  1. […] Brand new details for NASCAR 09 have arrived! Carl Edwards is finally in the game, Jeff Gordan is on the cover for a third time…Read More. […]

  2. i want more paint schemes! (ex. jeff gordons pepsi car) the game would be even better, come on ea sports, can’t you make this minor adjustement?

  3. What about the PC version of Nascar 09 …is it going to happen? When? There are more computers in the world than game consoles put together. Hello Marketing 101, guess they can’t do math.

  4. i agree wit u i mean wat happend this sucks balls that they havent and/or might not make one it just grips my ass they cant or i should say wont.No afience 4 and 03 r good just old and if ea wont make one or many in the future than they should sell there rights or watever they sell to some one else that can make one then screw EA.EA sports f u u cant make a nascar game unless ur forced.

  5. […] Brand new details for NASCAR 09 have arrived! Carl Edwards is finally in the game, Jeff Gordan is on the cover for a third time…Read More. […]

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