In the News #11 – 1/24/2008

In the News has a new format. Well sort of. The structure of each In the News is going to be the same. The change is is that it is now going to be a daily happening on By daily, we mean every week day (not weekends) of the week. So here we go, news for January 24th, 2008.

  • Grand Theft Auto IV finally has a firm release date:  April 29th, 2008.  Read more about it over at
  • THQ’s recent financial report revealed today that upcoming videogame Frontlines: Fuel of War will not be coming to the PlayStation 3 after all.
  • Xbox Live has three new, classic rock downloadable tracks for Guitar Hero 3.
  • According to a post on, the 80 gig PlayStation 3 is being discontinued. A ‘leaked letter’ states that electronic store Best Buy has been informed that the 80GB PS3 is being discontinued. Only the 40GB version will be available.
  • Rez HD has a release date: January 30th, 2008 for $10 on Xbox Live.
  • Inon Zur’s soundtrack for Crysis is coming out January 29th.
  • PS3 Haze delayed. The company expects the title to arrive during the 2008 fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009.
  • Rock Band stand-alone instruments. The Rock Band drum set will ship on Feb. 12, for $79.99. The wireless Stratocaster guitar will ship April 1 and will cost $59.99. The PlayStation version of the game will be playable on both the PS2 and the PS3.
  • The Playstation Network has been updates with more downloads. Read more about it on our other post.
  • MANHUNT 2 BANNED AGAIN!!! It has once again been banned in Britain. Last month, the first ban was lifted after an appeal was made by Rockstar Games. The board ruled 4-3 that the game was ‘unlikely’ to cause harm to adults or children and gave it an aduls-only rating. Today, a High Court judge in London ruled that VAC’s decision was flawed by ‘a clear error of law’ when it came to the test for assessing the question of harm, and ordered the board to reconsider their ruling.

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